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Introducing Poker
Ranking Hands
The sequence of play
Betting Interval
Betting Small and Big Blinds
Table stakes
Using wild cards
Probability of holding
First betting interval
Seven-Card Stud
Other forms of poker
Texas Hold'em Basic Hand
Five - Six card Omaha
Poker Sense
Slow Playing
Other Gambling Card Game
Seven-card Brag
Gin Rummy

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Where no game is mentioned, the terms relate to play poker .

Aces up - Two pairs, the higher being Aces.  Also Kings up, etc.

All-in – To have all one’s chips in the pot.

Ante - A compulsory stake made before the deal.
Back door (Hold’Em and Omaha) – To complete a flush or straight with the last two board cards, when this was not the primary objective.

Betting intervals - The periods in a deal when players must bet, raise, call check or fold.
Blind - Compulsory bets made by the first two players to the left of dealer before the deal.  The first is a ‘small blind’, and the second, usually of twice or three times the amount, a ‘big blind’.  They count as active bets.

Blind – Compulsory bets made by the first two players to the left of dealer before the deal.  The first is a ‘small blind’, and the second, usually of twice or three times the amount, a ‘big blind’.  They count as active bets.

Board - The set of communal cards turned up on the table.

Bug - A single wild card, usually the Joker.

Burn -   To remove from play the first down-card before dealing (to prevent cheating).

Bust (Blackjack and Pontoon) To reach a total of over 21.

Call - To match the previous bet.

Case card - The fourth card of a rank, when the other three are already in play.

Cash in – To cash one’s chips and retire from the game.

Check- To stay in the game without betting.  Sometimes indicated by tapping the table (but all must agree this convention).  A player who checks may later bet or call.

Chips - The counters of various colors used to bet with, each color representing a different amount of money.

Community cards - Those cards in games like Hold’Em which are common to all players’ hands.

Declarer (Napoleon) - The highest bidder who plays against all other players.

Deuce – A card of the 2 rank.

Double Down (Blackjack) - to double the stake on a hand and receive a third card.

Draw - The exchange of some cards in a poker hand for others.

Fifth street – The fifth and final community card in Hold’Em and Omaha.  Also known as the river.

Flop – The first three community cards in Hold’Em and Omaha.

Flush – Five cards of the same suit.

Fold – To take no further part in a deal.

Fourth street – The fourth community card in Hold’Em and Omaha.  Also known as the turn.

Freeze–out -  A game in which all players start with equal chips and play until one player has won all the chips.

Full house - Three cards of the same rank and two of different rank.

Go gin (Gin Rummy) - To go out without any unmatched cards.

Go out (Gin Rummy) – To lay down one’s hand.  (Rummy) To get rid of all one’s cards.

Hand (a) – The five cards that form a player’s holding.  (b) The action from deal to showdown.

Hard hand (Blackjack rules) A hand which counts the Ace as one.

Heads up – A hand in which only two players remain in the action.

Hole-cards - Concealed cards.  A player’s first card in stud, first two in Hold’Em and first four in Omaha.

Inside straight – A holding such as 8,7,6,4 that requires a card to fill a gap to make a straight.

Kicker – (a) A card retained with a pair at the draw in Draw Poker, e.g. the Ace in A, 10, 10(b) The lower of the two hole-cards in Hold’Em e.g. the 8 in A, 8.

Limits – The minimum and maximum amount or number of chips a player is allowed to bet.

Loose player – A player who bets in defiance of the odds.

Main Pot – If a side-pot (q.v.) is formed by a player going all-in (q.v.) the original pot is called the main pot.

Meld (Rummy and Gin Rummy) – A set of three or more cards (a) of the same rank (b) of the same suit and in sequence.

Nap (Napoleon) – A bid to make all five tricks.

Natural (Baccarat) - A point of 8 or 9.  (Blackjack) a count of 21 with two cards, an Ace and 10 –count.

No-limit – A game in which players may bet as many chips as they have on the table.  See also ‘Table stakes’.

Off-suit – Cards of differing suits, particularly in describing the two hole-cards in Hold’Em.

Open-ended straight – A holding such as 8,7,6,5, where a card at either end (9 or 4) will complete a straight.

Openers – The cards required to open the betting, e.g. a pair of Jacks in Jackpots.

Pass – To fold.  In the USA it can also mean to check.

Pat hand – A hand in Draw Poker to which no cards need be drawn.

Point (Baccarat) – The pip-count of a hand.

Pontoon (Vingt-et-Un) - (a) The common English name for vingt-et-un.  (b) a count of 21 with two cards, an Ace and 10-count.

Pool (Red Dog) – The amount in the centre of the table which players add to or take from.

Position – Place at the table in relation to dealer; place in the betting order.

Pot – The chips or money at stake on the table.

Pot Limit – A game in which the maximum raise is the total in the pot at the time of betting.

Prial (Brag) A hand of three of a kind.

Quads – Four of a kind; four chards of the same rank.

Raise – To call and increase the previous bet.

River – The last community card on the board.

Round of betting- A betting interval.

Royal Flush – The highest hand in Poker, the A, K, Q, J, 10, of the same suit.

Run – A straight.

See – To call.

Semi-bluff – To bet with a hand not worth much, but with the potential to improve.

Showdown - The display of cards at the end of a hand to determine the poker winner.

Side-pot - A separate pot contested by the other players when one player is all-in.

Slow play - To bet small or check with a good hand in order to entice others to bet ad enlarge the pot.

Soft hand (Blackjack) A hand which counts the Ace as 11.

Split Aces (Vingt-et-Un) – To use a pair of Aces as the first cards of two separate hands.

Split pairs (Blackjack) – To use a pair as the first cards of two separate hands.

Split pot – A pot that is shared because hands are equal.

Stand (Blackjack and Vingt-et-Un) – To play with the cards dealt and not buy or twist another.

Stand pat – To decline to exchange cards at the draw.

Stay – To remain in a pot by calling.

Straddle – The last blind before the deal.

Straight flush – Five cards of consecutive rank and of the same suit.

Table stakes – A game in which a player’s bet is limited to the amount of money or chips he has on the table before him.  No-limit and pot-limit games are played this way.

Tap out – To bet all one’s chips.

Tight player – A player who bets only on strong hands.

Trey – A card of the 3 rank.

Trips, triple, triplets – Three of a kind, three cards of the same rank.

Turn – The fourth communal card at Hold’Em or Omaha, also called fourth street.

Twist (Vingt-et-Un) – To take an extra face-up card.

Undercut (Gin Rummy) – To win a hand by having a lower count than the knocker.

Wild card – A card that by agreement can represent any other card in the pack.