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Introducing Poker
Ranking Hands
The sequence of play
Betting Interval
Betting Small and Big Blinds
Table stakes
Using wild cards
Probability of holding
First betting interval
seven card stud
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Texas Hold'em Basic Hand
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Before each deal, the cards must be shuffled at least three times. Any poker player may ask to shuffle, but the dealer shuffles last.

Hold the pack face down in the fingers of your left hand, with your right hand grasp the majority of the cards from the bottom of the pack.

  1. With your left thumb, pull off six to 12 cards from the top of the pack while your right hand takes the main part of the pack over them.  The cards in your left hand drop into your palm.
  2. Bring the pack over with your right hand, slip a few more gambling cards off with your left thumb and repeat the process.
  3. Cutting

    After shuffling, the dealer then places the cards before the player to his right, who cuts by removing some cards from the top of the pack, placing them on the table and putting the remainder of the cards on top of them.  Both parts of the pack during the cut should contain at least five cards.
                If the player to dealer ’s right declines to cut, the obligation passes to the player to his right.  The only reason to refuse to cut is superstition.  If all the online poker players refuse to cut, the dealer should do so himself.

  4. Lift a proportion of the cards off the top of the deck, without looking at the bottom card or allowing anyone else to see it.
  5. Place the removed cards next to the pack.
  6. Put the main part of the pack on top of them.


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